There are two ways to install Cover Clamp:

Option 1: Using the Grip Pad. (We recommend trying this first).

Pros: Very easy to install, does not interfere with bed skirts.

Cons: Although this method is a very strong once the sleepers weight is on the mattress, it is not as strong as option 2. (Though it is as strong or stronger than most people will need).

Option 2: Securing the strap to the bed frame with the strap.

Pros: Can withstand more pull force than option 1.

Cons: More difficult to install, The strap overlaps the bed skirt.

Step 1 (Both options 1 and 2):

  • Remove the clamp from the strap by pressing the buttons on the side release buckle. (see figure)
  • Hold the clamp with the buckle facing down (and the sticker on the side of the clamp facing up) and clamp it to blankets/sheets on the side of the bed that you want to secure. You may first want to line up the sheets and blankets before clamping (see figure)
  • Where to place the clamp is a matter of personal preference. We have found that most people like it clamped at about stomach or chest level of the person lying down. (see figure).

Step 2 (Option 1 – Grip Pad)

  • Lift the mattress with one hand and place the Grip Pad about a foot and half deep between the mattress and the box spring at the same level as the clamp. (see figure)
  • Tighten the strap on the grip pad until the buckle is just outside the mattress. (see figure)

You are now ready to get in the bed, buckle the clamp to the strap, and enjoy a great night's sleep!

Step 2 (Option 2 – Bed Frame Installation)

  • Remove the strap from the Grip Pad by simply loosening the strap loop on the Grip Pad and threading the strap and buckle through it. (see figure)

Step 3 (Option 2 – Bed Frame Installation)

  • For your safety, completely remove the mattress and box spring from the frame before attempting to attach the strap to the frame. (see figure)
  • Thread the buckle and strap through the strap loop around the bed rail and pull until tight. (see figure)
  • Replace the box spring and mattress.

You are now ready to get in the bed, buckle the clamp to the strap, and enjoy a great night's sleep!