How Cover Clamp Works

The Cover Clamp system is made using the strongest spring clamps on the market. The clamp itself is covered with a rubber composite which gives the clamp a super strong grip on the bed linens while protecting them at the same time.The clamp has a two inch opening, meaning that it can clamp multiple sheets, blankets, or duvet covers at the same time.

You install Cover Clamp on the side of the bed of the person who gets their covers stolen at night. Most people place it a little lower than chest level.

The grip pad is the preferred method of installing the Cover Clamp system because it holds so well and it is super easy to install. You simply lift the mattress and place the grip pad about two feet under the mattress. The composite rubber of the grip pad combined with the weight of the person lying on that side of the bed secures the clamp so well that it can withstand even the strongest pulls from your cover stealing partner.

The other option for installing the Cover Clamp system is to secure the strap directly to the bed frame. This option is used either because some beds don’t have a flat surface under the mattress, like a box spring, to place the grip pad on, or because the user prefers a totally unyielding place to secure the strap.

The Cover Clamp has a side release buckle attached to the clamp that allows you to easily getting in and out of the bed at night without having to remove the clamp or the grip pad.

Cover Clamp holds the covers in place at night even if your partner is pulling with over 30lbs of force. It also prevents slack from occurring when you toss and turn. All of this means that you will have a great, warm night's sleep with your Cover Clamp system.

Cover Clamp has a money back guarantee, so buy it with confidence today at