How To Stop Stealing Blankets / Covers

February 20, 2016 Chris White

Bed cover stealing is an age-old problem. Surprisingly very few solutions have been proposed over the years that effectively stop someone from stealing the blankets. My wife, who is the cover hog in our family, certainly doesn’t mean to do it (or at least that is what she says). So its not like I can just talk to her about it and hope she sees the error of her ways. A different kind of solution was needed. I searched the internet and tried the following ways. I was amazed that one of them actually worked!

Cover Clamp

Cover Clamp is the only solution that actually stopped my wife from stealing the covers. I use it every night. It’s basically a super strong padded clamp that attaches to the covers and is held in place by a pad placed under the mattress.

Getting Separate Blankets

This solution works okay but it has a few drawbacks. You can get two top covers but in order to have the full sleeping experience you need separate sheets as well. This can get a little disorganized and messy. You also have to pretty much give up making the bed. Some people go so far as to push together two smaller beds, like twins and make them separately. That would definitely solve the problem but it would be a costly solution.

Getting Super Sized Sheets and Blankets

This is a solution that might work. It wouldn’t be a guarantee that your partner still couldn’t steal the covers but it would give you more of chance.

Other Clips and Such

We bought a few other clips that were supposed to hold the covers in place before we got the Cover Clamp. The ones we tried didn’t hold with even the slightest amount of pulling. Even if they did work it would be a pain to get in and out of bed in the middle of the night. 

We hope this helps you on your journey to stop stealing covers. 

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